AP Copywriter & Creative Director currently in Chicago, IL.

Poet turned conceptual CD/CW with upwards of 8 open TextEdit windows at any given time, primed to help your brand do things worth talking about. Reach out at ananta.pra@gmail.com.


  • Golin since September 2014. First as a Junior Copywriter, now a Creative Director.
  • Energy BBDO from June 2014 to August 2014 as a Digital Copywriting Intern.
  • GSD&M from January 2014 to May 2014 as their Copywriting Intern.


  • McDonald's, Pepsico (MTN DEW, bubly), Jose Cuervo, Ferrara Candy Company (Trolli, SweeTARTS, Nerds, Black Forest), Discover, National Peanut Board, Johnson & Johnson (TYLENOL, BENGAY), Adobe, Unilever (Talenti, Culture Republick, Klondike), Essilor, Lay's, 5 Gum, Ziploc, Radioshack, Southwest Airlines, among others.
  • TL,DR? QSR, CPG, HC, ETC. 


  • 4x SABRE Awards
  • 3x PRWeek Awards
  • 1x Cannes Lions
  • 1x ADDYs
  • 1x #BrandBowl Awards
  • 1x The One Show


  • Summa cum laude from The University of Texas in May 2014.
  • B.S. in Advertising with a Business Foundations Certificate.
  • Also survived the acclaimed Texas Creative program.


  • Writing: Conceptual ideation, script/screenwriting, brand manifestos (of course), long form, web/social, SEO, and everything in between.
  • Not Writing: Adobe's Big Three (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), film production, photography, art direction, fried rice.


  • Bahasa Indonesia all my life. 
  • English for most of it.
  • Spanish for nearly a decade.
  • Wish I could say I'm decent at faking French.